Images Of Nature – Intricate Detail

A myriad of miraculous images can be found throughout nature. Anywhere we look, in any part of the world, we can see the wonder of brilliantly colored flowers, exotic plant life, gently fluttering butterflies and birds or graceful marine life large and small. Fields of food sources such as the grain fields of Kansas and rice patties of China can be as beautiful as the seas of the Mediterranean or the Fjords of Norway. From picturesque mountains or sculpted dunes of sand to the glistening sunshine dancing across a crystal clear lake, creation provides images of beauty, awe and nourishment.

How can all this be? “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. God created all things. In this simple statement, we can begin to grasp one of the most mind challenging issues man ponders. Yet in the biblical account of creation we are given full explanation for how and why this all came about. By merely speaking, all things were brought into existence. His written word shows us that God has the ability to work out the tiniest of details in all things.


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